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Two wheeler Side stand Gear lock Clip to prevent Bike accidents caused by side stands

Two wheeler Side stand Gear lock Clip to prevent Bike accidents caused by side stands in INDIA

k-s-sudheer inventor of bike side stand gear lock
A motorcycle(bike) side-stand is a nearly universal method of allowing a motorcycle rider to park his vehicle unattended easily. If this stand is in the “park” position while the motorcycle is ridden through a left turn, a serious safety hazard exists. A new type Side-stand Gear lock clip was invented to prevent such accidents.

K S Sudheer (45), an auto mechanic by profession, has come up with a two wheeler side-stand gear lock system to prevent accidents when bike side-stands are not pushed back.  He comes from farming background, has wife and two sons in his family. Having studied till class tenth only, he drives tempo on contract basis apart from repairing vehicles. He has a small workshop and remains busy with solving day-to-day problems and inventing low cost devices.
One day in 2004, Sudheer was standing at a railway crossing, when he witnessed a harrowing motorcycle(bike) accident involving an entire family. The accident happened because the motorcycle(bike) side-stand had not been pushed back after riding on the vehicle. It struck against an obstruction on the ground while the vehicle(bike) was moving. This small family was on the bike and all of them got badly injured. This incident forced him to think immediately about making an effective device, which could prevent such two wheeler(bike) accidents in future. He decided to develop a simple, low cost hook, which can be retrofitted to a two-wheeler, so that the user is unable to move his vehicle(bike) unless the side stand is pushed upwards and is made free from the ground.That day, he came back purposefully and as his family was away, he had all the time for himself. It took him just one night to think about the solution and by next afternoon, he was ready with the side stand gear-locking system made from available materials, which he refined later into a functional model and tested successfully.
Side-stand Gear Lock to prevent Bike accidents
The retrofit table kit consists of a clamp, which restricts engagement of gears when the side-stand is not pushed back. The gear lock clamp consists of an angular rod welded to the base washer, which achieves locking of the gears.The interlocking mechanism is simple, with minimum complexity and is easy to assemble and disassemble. Currently this side-stand gear lock kit has been configured for some models of Bajaj and Hero-Honda bikes; it is being developed for other model of bikes and also being made more durable.Many commercial two wheelers come with built in side-stand locking systems with indicator and alarm systems1 . Sudheer’s system is a simple, low cost gear lock clamp costing just Rs 20-40/-. 

The innovator has successfully tested this gear lock product. The patent has been filed, and commercial possibilities of the product are being explored. 1 Side stand cut of systems/indicators have been available with few bikes, viz. The LML Freedom was provided with specially designed side stand that did not allow the rider to put the motorcycle into gear unless the side stand is lifted. ( - June 2004). Honda Deauville was having a cut off system, which did not allow put the machine in gear with the stand down. (, July 2004), Kinetic GF170 Laser was having a side stand indicator European safety measures for motor cycle described a side stand ignition cut-off system ( the engine cannot be started if the side stand is down. These side stand indicators are generally in built with these bikes and have sensing (mechanical/electrical sensor) and indicator (generally LEDs). Those who cares about their life need to think of fitting a two wheeler side stand lock in their bike in order to completely avoid such bike accident.

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